Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A day in the life...

Got up early, rode with Mark to work and dropped him off. Drove out to Del City to pick up the dental van for a day of treatment at an elementary school. Had to chip ice off the security card reader where we store the van, but the big, heavy gate was frozen shut. Ice skated, shivering in the nose-hair-freezing air, across the road and tried to force it open, but no luck, so ice skated back to my car and called to cancel. Glanced up at the Sunnylane RV sign above me and admired the icicles. Kinda ironic, that name. I guess in general people aren't eager to go get their RV out in this kind of weather. Probably just as well, since I'm thinking the water lines might have been frozen anyway.

Took our 4th dance lesson last night. Next Monday night is "test" night. We have to dance with the instructor to see if we can pass from the pink class to the purple class. Hopefully we can since I'm getting kinda bored with this one. It's fun though and ridiculously good exercise. I felt a lot like a junior higher last night. Dancing with "boys" of all shapes and sizes - some shorter than me that have to reach to twirl over my head, some with sweaty hands, some with a look of confusion because they aren't sure what to do next. It was the first time the instructor just turned on the music and turned us loose. Sheer terror for some of the guys since they have to decide the next move. Spent a lot of time dancing in place while watching my partners search desperately through their mental files to find another move. Fortunately Mark is turning out to be a good dancer, so it's fun when we get to dance together. He knows all the moves. But then, he always has :)

Gotta finish grading some papers tonight from my Organizational Behavior class before starting to teach a Human Resources course next week. Glad I got the wireless router hooked up to our internet at home. I can curl up on the couch under a blanket and grade the papers online. Mark put a roast and potatoes in the crock pot this morning. I'm looking forward to that too. My life is fascinating.

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