Friday, April 25, 2008


Creep-factor: Just got back from a week in McAlester. The usual hotel was full, so I ended up in a creepy place. Really creepy. Checked in then checked right back out! Grabbed the phone book and started calling hotels looking for something with a much lower creep-factor. God is good! Found a nice little B&B that had a room available. If you are ever in McAlester, Oklahoma, stay with Debra at The Hydrangea ( It's in the church district up on a hill overlooking the town. And the breakfast beats the Holiday Inn any day! It actually beats the frozen waffle I usually eat at home.

Moving the Parents: Mark and I are heading to Newton for the weekend. Mark's folks have decided to make the move to Oklahoma, so we're going to help start packing and get the house ready for the realtor to put it on the market. Sounds like Aunt Margie is coming too.

Home from College: Tessa has finals next week then will head home for the summer. She called today complaining of mold in her sorority house. I don't doubt it. It's a pretty old building and she lives on the third floor where not a lot has been remodeled. One more reason she'll be glad to be home with the boring old parents...the other reasons: having a bedroom and bathroom all to herself, access to food 24/7, use of her car, and no drama other than what she herself creates! Reasons she'll be complaining in a week: missing the drama of a 5-girl room/70-girl house, nothing to do, finding a job, working a job...

Mark and Cari: Card-carrying members of the sandwich generation!

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Extreme Gardener said...

The Hydrangea looks inviting. Of course, I would like any place that has a flower for a name. I'm glad you found a decent place to stay.