Tuesday, April 8, 2008


In Seattle for a mobile medical conference. There are other people in the world with similar challenges! Who knew. Today, though, the conference ended and a short vacation wandering around northwest Washington has begun. Couldn't leave town without a walk down to the Pike Street Market to mingle with the camera-toting tourists, local dread-locked, sandal-socked granolas, overalled fish mongers, a crowd of students from a culinary school on assignment, and enough people wearing Northface to keep that company's stock prices rising. Had to sample the hot coffee, the freshly made donuts, the fish & chips cooked to order, and the just-baked cookies from various vendors along the way. Finished it off with a bundle of shocking pink tulips to brighten the hotel room and we're back for a luxurious nap.

The anticipation of a few days of pointless wandering is tempered by knowing that Tessa is home from college with a severe case of mono and possibly strep and no mama to hover and nurse her back to health. Fortunately she has a gma and sister willing to hover.

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