Monday, September 22, 2008

Shift in the Universe

Wow, I'm tired. Over the weekend we drove to Olathe, KS, where I grew up, to say our final good-byes to Grandpa Metz. He was 92 and had lived an amazing life. So the funeral was more of a celebration. Kind of a camp-meeting, hankie-waving, hymn-singing service. Now we are all sort of free to go our separate ways, no longer anchored to what was once our center of gravity. It's a strange feeling. I guess it's more like the center of gravity has now shifted. Four generations once orbited around the strength, history, love and duty associated with Grandma and Grandpa Metz. Now our focus shifts.
We're a smallish family as families go, so it's sort of shocking to us to have 11 great-grandchildren. The eldest, Angela, is almost 23. The youngest is Addison at 4 months. Now we're going to work that much harder to stay in touch. I think we're up to the task.

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