Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Top Ten Things

When did you grow up and where was I while it happened? It's a balancing act maintaining a relationship with children who are young adults. Humor helps, I guess. So I was thinking of all the things one shouldn't say and do and came up with a list. These are things I would never say to you because a) they don't apply to you, and b) I'm just that awesome (shut up, I heard that). But in case other parents need some advice...

Top 10 Things NOT to say to your college student:

  1. We decided to donate to the animal shelter in your name instead of giving you money this year. Happy Birthday!

  2. I worked three jobs to put myself through college!

  3. Where would you even park a car if you had one?

  4. Your roommate has a nice boyfriend. Does he have any single friends?

  5. I'm sure the dress you wore to Junior Prom will be fine for the fraternity formal.

  6. Who is that boy in that picture and why is he doing that?

  7. Don't take out any more school loans. You'll never make enough to repay them.

  8. We thought we'd surprise you with a visit!

  9. I put on weight too when I was your age.

  10. I gave your phone number to the Pastor and told him to call you.

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