Monday, October 27, 2008


I'm happy to say my studly man has resisted the urging of the Morning Animals (sports radio) to declare himself a member of MAWW - Men Against Working Weekends. Their motto: If in doubt, hire it out. Living in a serious fixer-upper, the list of things to do is never ending but the money runs out really fast. Just the up-keep is a killer. The renovation never stops either. For various reasons, a pile of lumber has languished in our backyard, waiting to become a section of fence. Two weeks ago Mark pulls on his jorts (jean shorts) and rents a one-man auger and attempts to dig post holes. The clay soil was not having it. The darn thing rattles his teeth and bones and won't go deeper than two inches. Oklahoma soil is stuuub-eeern. Another trip to Home Depot. The guy's like oh, that won't work this time of year. The ground is like cement. Duh! So he offers a hydraulic auger. Mark's all, I'll try again tomorrow.

Next day - Home Depot. But the bigger, stronger auger won't dig either. Back to Home Depot. Are you seeing a pattern here? The guy says the clutch was in the wrong position. Try it this way. And it worked! Finally! Post holes dug, cement and posts added. Back to Home Depot before the four hour rental period expires. Yeah! One more step to hiding the weed choked yard behind us and getting a little privacy.

This Saturday he finished that stretch of fence. It's beautiful. All straight and solid and brown. Now the lady kitty-cornered can't feed the dogs her table scraps any more. Seriously, how many times can you politely tell somebody to stop! WE don't even feed the dog table scraps. SHE doesn't have to clean up the puppy barf or try to watch Dancing With The Stars in a table-scrap induced gaseous cloud of canine flatulence. Seriously.

Where was I. Oh yeah. That piece of fence is done!

A moment to celebrate.

Now check it off and move on. A little helping hand to Angela, who has been re-tiling our shower, and we'll have another major project marked off. We're on a roll. He's a member of MAWW all right. Manly Animal Waging War (against the tide of disintegrating house). Or Making A Woman Weak ('cause Acts of Service is my luuuv language).

Wow, that was mildly nauseating.

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