Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Stream of consciousness

Dilemma: What to do when you're too tired to do anything. I feel like vegetating in front of the TV but there's not much on. Mark is online watching an episode of Survivor that he missed last week. It's 7:30 p.m. I can go to bed in two hours and still respect myself in the morning. Going to bed now would just be too lame. Last night I did something interesting. Can't I take a bye and be a lump on the couch tonight?

My sister called last night and invited me to share a couple of free tickets to the production of The Pajama Game at the Civic Center Music Hall. It was fun and we had great seats. People stare at us a lot when we're in public together. I've never thought we look alike, but apparently other people do. Why do 47 year old identical twins seem so unusual. Probably for the same reason people would stop us in the middle of the grocery store when we were five and gush about how cute we were. There's just something freakish about seeing two people who look so much alike. Even though I'm the more, um, expanded version, we must still look freakishly alike enough to turn heads. Kind of annoying.

We're thinking of going camping this weekend. Which is just weird since we're not really campers. For some unfathomable reason, I asked for a tent two years ago for Mother's Day. We've never used it. So now it's sort of this thing lurking in the dungeon (our garage for the uninitiated) that we step over when looking for other lurking things. But this weekend it's supposed to be beautiful fall weather, we are all free, and there really are no more excuses. We'll see if it really happens.

Angela and Riley will celebrate their 1st anniversary next Monday. I can hardly believe it was just a year ago we were crazy with wedding plans. They seem to have come through their first year with flying colors and no surprise pregnancies. The babies will come in good time, Lord willing. For now they seem very content with each other. What a blessing!

Ok, I'm done rambling now. Can I go to bed? Dangit. It's only 7:40.

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