Friday, October 10, 2008

Testing the tent and family unity

Off to go camping. Should be interesting. I wonder if there are any hotels available in the Davis, Oklahoma area. We may be checking in around midnight tonight. I've wanted to do this for a long time, but it took quiet, consistent pressure to keep everyone on track toward the goal. So many things threatened to put us off course. But we are going and it is going to be fun, dangit!

I was trying to remember if we've ever been camping as a family. We went with our Sunday School class once when the girls were very young. They came home with a case of lice from playing in someone's camper. Eeww. Mark, Tessa and I went camping in South Africa. It's not every day you see an orangutan run by your tent. Those are the only official camping experiences I can remember. But there are other times that we might as well have been camping. Our first night in Bulgaria when we slept on bare beds with no blankets, and shared a couple of granola bars and a small things of applesauce for breakfast. Going to George Delchev's family "cabin" in the Bulgarian countryside. It would take a whole nother blog entry to describe that experience. All four of us sleeping in the same bedroom when we first moved to Bethany while we renovated the others. If the camping experience involves existing in close proximity to one another, creatively cooking in an awkward and inconvenient way, peeing in random places, and sleeping in unfamiliar beds, then we've "camped" way more than most people. I'm just sayin.


Ang said...

I think you forgot that we also moved into our townhome in Glendale with no furniture and all slept on the floor together. Fun times. And wasn't it a baboon that ran through your camp sight in South Africa? I'm just sayin' :)

Cari said...

Yep, you're right it was a baboon. And we DID sleep on the floor in Glendale. I think the electricity went off during a storm in the night and it was very hot, making that experience event more like camping!