Monday, November 17, 2008

It's Monday! The day we crawl out of our warm weekend cocoon of sweat pants, sleeping late, and doing whatever the heck we want. Off to do, hopefully, something that matters, in exchange for that all important paycheck. If I didn't need that paycheck, I'd happily stay at home and spend my days reading, thinking and writing with a few remodeling or craft projects thrown in. But today's reality is I need to go get in the shower and head to work.

This afternoon I have a presentation to a tell a funder why we need a $70,000 grant for my program. I think we're the obvious choice, duh! But there are two other finalists...something lame about building houses for the homeless and another about mentoring at-risk girls. Yawn. The really important part is that I got a new sweater/jacket thing so I'll look lovely. 'Cause it's all about me!

Of course I'm kidding. Any one of us would be a great choice and all very needed. I'd hate to be on the funding committee. Have a great Monday. I'm off to change the world in my small way. Have fun making a difference in your world.

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