Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Because I have nothing better to do

Tessa and I went to get haircuts today. While waiting for Tessa to come back from the shampoo bowl with Jamie, our hair person, I was shooed off the waxing table where I had been perched. Some poor young guy was being tricked into getting a few areas waxed. I say tricked because he was being assured - ASSURED - it wouldn't hurt. I'm guessing it was his slightly older sister who was leading him to slaughter. The stylist whips out two Popsicle sticks with balls of steaming wax on the tips and stuffs them up the guy's nostrils, then squeezes his nose shut just to make sure no hair escapes the holocaust. Then rip, scream, rip. It was all over. I tried to look away. I really did. But it was impossible not to watch the assault. Wonder what he ever did to his sister. I only have four words for that poor dude -

Later we meet up with some of the female family members to see Twilight. We've all read the books but are apprehensive about the movie. The previews drone on, the music starts, and Edward Cullen appears on the big screen. The theater erupts with screams from a small group of pre-teens. Seriously, I nearly wet myself. Did we really come to a movie where 12-year-olds scream at the leading man-boy? Wow. I apparently need to upgrade my reading/movie list. I remind myself that my grandfather, who had two earned doctorates and a couple of master's degrees thrown in, loved to read westerns. So maybe it's ok if I entertain myself with books about hottie vampires.

Oh, and I brought the leftover popcorn home from the theater. At 25 cents per kernel, I'm not about to drop it in the trashcan. I'm determined to get my money's worth!

Random Thanksgiving thought: Everything you need you probably already have.


Tessa said...

but i neeeeed what i want!!!

Shari said...

Heck yeah! That popcorn cost more than a new pair of shoes I just bought! There's no justice in movie viewing.

Extreme Educators said...

What is so special about movie popcorn that we are willing to shell out five bucks to stuff our faces with a gallon of butter and fluff? Speaking of which, do you have any left?

Judy said...

Ah yes...Bells, Ed, Mike, Charlie, Jacob, and Dr. Cullen (who by the trivia way is married in his non-vampire life to Jennie Garth)entertained my extreme educator and yours truly yesterday afternoon. We pondered the fact that hmmm....making all the movies of the books we read could get tricky and less PG-ish rated once Bells finds out she is with half/child half/vamp. What's a girl to do? I also got extremely lonesome for my oldest kid seeing all the beautiful northwest scenery!! Oh...we didn't have to take popcorn home, K. got the kid's pack at my economic suggestion and we ate it all.
Here's to great literature and escape.....
your bff.