Friday, November 7, 2008


Hanging out in a hotel in Enid. Woohoo. Need to leave here in a few minutes so the housekeeping staff doesn't beat down my door. I have work to do tomorrow in the big town of Cherokee. Had work to do in Enid yesterday. Didn't want to make the drive back home only to turn around and come back again. I think I'll go find a Starbucks and work on my computer. I'm doing a grant presentation in a week and need to get my stuff together. Then maybe find a Walmart and buy cleaning products for the mobile dental van. That's why they pay me the big bucks. 'Cause I can drive a 35' Winnebago with a big smile on the side, write grants to fund the program, motivate people to do dentistry for sometimes uncooperative children, and...scrub the floor. I just hope Starbucks has a place to park my ride.

In the mean time, read this post and sign up for Twitter already. I'm lonley out in Twitterland.


Scott Williams said...

Thanks for the LinkLuv... I dig the banner on your blog!

Fishlicity said...

I signed up for Twitter like you demanded... but I can't find you.... help!