Friday, December 26, 2008

Electronics R Us

It was an electronic Christmas for me. Yay! My gifts included a mouse, laptop lap desk, and an iHome. Now I never have to leave my corner of the couch. It was a relatively balmy Christmas in Oklahoma - warm enough to take a walk with just a light jacket. At least that's what people appeared to be wearing when they walked past the window. I found it difficult to walk very fast while carrying a plate loaded with delicious food.

On Christmas Eve Mark found the last Wii in Oklahoma City. After 4-5 stops, he checked a Best Buy just in case, and there was one little Wii on the shelf. The UPS driver had discovered one case that had been missed the day before, so four lucky people got a Wii from that box, including us. Now we just need to find a Wii Fit so we can get, well, fit. Because that's going to do the trick where nothing else has!

  • Doctors are now warning about "Wii-itis" or "Wii-knee", a repetitive motion injury.
  • More than 1 million Wii units were sold in the US last week.
  • Wii-habilitation, physical therapy using the Wii, is helping people recovering from orthopedic injuries, brain injuries or stroke.
  • Wii games are showing up at unlikely places like local libraries, schools and senior centers.


Shari said...

Oh my! I loved the video. I'll have to visit Ange to try the "little white thing you stand on."

Stephen said...

Hmmm... now that you mention it, we have one of those little white things you stand on. Ours was last seen under the couch a couple weeks after my last birthday. I think. Maybe I should make sure it didn't die under there.

Extreme Educators said...

I have to say, I love our little white thing you stand on. I have been sore in some part of my body ever since we got one. That can mean one of two things: 1- it is actually aerobically effective, or B- I am in just that bad of shape. I am going to go for the first option.