Monday, December 1, 2008

It's Monday and my brain isn't working

It's Monday and it's back to work after a holiday filled with food and family and fun and...laziness. (Couldn't think of another "f", maybe because my brain is mush from lack of use.) Annyyyway. From where I sit it looks like a full and very busy week ahead. Of course, where I'm sitting is where I've sat for about 10 days, so anything involving getting up, getting dressed in something nicer than jeans or sweats, and putting on a shoe with an actual heel looks like hard work to me. I can't complain too much though. I have to work approximately two weeks, albeit two very hard weeks, then I'm off for another two weeks. Gotta love trying to use up all your vacation time before the end of the year.

Instructions to myself for the week: Make every effort not to enroll in the "deferred life plan".

27 years of communication practice equals:

Me-the Christmas tree needs to be closer to the window so we can get around it.
Mark - further back?
Me-yep, keep going.
Mark -Will the drapes close?
Me- Just keep moving the tree back. OK perfect.
Mark - Will the drapes close now?
Me-No, the tree's in the way.

Guess you had to have been there.


Mark said...

At least there were NO Christmas words this year!!!

The magic word is chedl. This is English so the d is silent and the e has a short i sound so it comes out as chill. Why don't you just chedl out!!!

Shari said...

I was really liking this not going to work stuff. I think I could be on vacation for quite a while before I decided I needed to be useful.

Extreme Educators said...

So are you crediting your fascinating tree story to your communication skills or your lack of hearing?

WAIT!!! I got a real word!!! My random word is "store"!!!