Friday, December 12, 2008

Links and stuff

Writing a blog is a strange thing. "Never before have so many with so little to say said so much to so few."

So true.

I think that quote came from It's making the rounds on family blogs. I LOVE I use it when teaching the motivation segment of Organizational Behavior. But I digress.

Apparently we bloggers a) yearn to see our words in print b)have too much time on our hands and c) don't need the gratification of a response. I don't fully understand the tracking numbers from this blog, but what it's telling me is quite a few people actually do read it. But it appears most of your are creepers, popping in to read the day's rambling thoughts, then moving on before the urge becomes too strong to make a comment. I've even had people confess with sheepish faces that they (using a hushed tone) read my blog. Shhh. Here's a tip. THAT'S THE POINT! I'm glad to hear you read it. I hope you tell others about it.

Speaking of telling others, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite blogs to entertain your Saturday. After you do all those Saturday, catch-up, didn't get them done during the week kind of things. Or if you need something to do while football is droning on in the background...

Don't remember how I came across this one, but this is how I want to write my blog. It just doesn't come out that way. Bye Bye Pie! (What a surprise that I would like a blog with food in the title)

Decor8 is doable decorating and artsy inspiration. You would think as much as I like decorating magazines and websites my home would be a show stopper. Hate to say it's definitely not, but I do the best with what I've got. Didn't mean to make that rhymn. I just find myself doing that all the time. OK I'm stopping now. If only I knew how.

Here's a cute story from Short way of Rocks In My Dryer.

Have a great weekend!


Stephen said...

Left a long comment here, but it never showed up. Technology is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for liking my blog, and sorry I never actually talk about food. I mean, except for Sonic chili cheese dogs.

Disney Scrapper said...

I have yet to check the stats on my blog (I don't want to be shocked or dissapointed I guess)!