Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas related meandering

Mark just suggested I take a picture of him and the dogs since they are so cute. I'm all, do we really want yet another picture of you wearing that same orange OSU shirt, sitting in your usual spot on the southwest corner of the green couch with the dogs piled on you? Probably not. But I took them anyway because I'm a good wife like that. I'd share but they didn't come out very well since I took them with my iphone which doesn't have a flash because I was too lazy to get up and fish the camera out of my purse. The iphone doesn't have a flash but it's not because I'm lazy. I don't think that was a well constructed sentence.

We've had a busy day but didn't accomplish much. Mom hosted a party to kind of honor a newly married, distant relative couple who were visiting. The theme was "It's A Wonderful Life". We borrowed a big, theater sized popcorn maker from my office, and we made ice cream sundaes and root beer floats in cute old fashioned glassware. Mom bought bakery cookies in the shape of stars and bells and filled a big glass cookie jar. I thought it was brilliant for a fun Christmas party. I think we forgot to put the actual movie on the TV though. Wonder what happened to that. Anyway, now I know who has a ton of sundae glassware things if I ever need them.

By the way, we were trying to figure out what a Black Cow was. Some people thought it was a root beer float. Some thought it was a root beer float made with chocolate ice cream. If you're dieing to find the answer, click here. Root beer always reminds me of an Ogden family story where Grandma Ogden, who apparently liked to make homemade root beer, made some at Mark's house when he was a boy. Good? No, bad! It somehow exploded and there was root beer dripping from every surface in the kitchen, including the ceiling. After Mark asked me to marry him we went to A&W to get a root beer. I know. We're dorks. But it was the only place open and I didn't want to go back to my dorm just yet. I love root beer.

I should probably send out Christmas cards. I don't have to buy any since I have about three years worth in my cabinet that I never sent out. I think some are actually already addressed. No one will know, will they? If you read this blog and you receive a Christmas card from me this year, rest assured it was lovingly selected and signed just for you and is not a left-over from last year. Really.

OU is about to play Missouri. I better stop blogging and get ready to act like I care.

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Shari said...

I'm sorry I missed the party. You are my favoritest party planner. I thought this one was one of your best ideas.