Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What were they thinking

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is on TV tonight. I've never liked that show. The snowman impersonation of Burl Ives with an umbrella just creeps me out. I'll holly jolly your Christmas!

Where is the joy in pathetic, social outcast talking toys, mean reindeer youth gangs, a vocationally confused elf, ruining dentistry for generations of children, or the barren loneliness and separation of floating off on an iceberg raft. It's just depressing. No wonder we're a generation on Prozac.

We understood the essence of dysfunctional before dysfunctional was defined in countless therapy sessions decades later. Bambi's mother dies and his Father is cold and indifferent. Snow White becomes homeless as a teenager and fends for herself by cleaning house and cooking for seven strange men with inferiority complexes. Just when she's beginning to trust again, her abusive stepmother scams her into losing what small measure of peace she has found. Dorothy, an orphan living a bleak and lonely existence in Kansas, is forced to shoulder responsibility beyond her young age, becoming the parent figure for a trio of socially and emotionally impared souls in search of their identity.

I know it was the 60's, but was EVERYONE in Hollywood smokin' dope?

Gotta love this though.


Stephen Metz-Lago said...

Jeez - I thought I was cynical! :o)

Funny, we were just listening to that Temptations Christmas album.

Cari said...

Um, no. I'm pretty sure I win the cynical prize. It's a curse.

Shari said...

Cori and Alli and I used to have a running list of "Dead Mom Movies." We concluded that Walt Disney had a thing against his mom: Bambi, Snow White, Cinderella, and the list goes on!