Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just finish something already!

One of the dangers of having a busy, active mind is getting too many fun little projects going at the same time. I could think up projects all day long. It's the finishing of said projects that takes some discipline.

I temporarily misplaced my iphone over the weekend, and I could hear it vibrating somewhere in the vicinity of my closet, so I started to clean out my closet while trying to find the offending phone. I got most of it cleaned up, except for the "give away" pile and the "can't decide" pile, which are now stranded on the floor outside the closet waiting for me to come back to that project. But it's going to be oh so orderly when I'm done.

I'm almost finished painting and hanging new cabinet doors. So my painting "booth" is set up in the dungeon (aka garage-ish room). Oh, and I decided to paint the kitchen chairs too. So there's paint cans on the kitchen table and a path of footprints between the painting booth and the kitchen, and cabinet doors and chairs in various states of undress. But it's going to be oh so fabulous when I'm done.

I'm working on a new website project, so there are books and computer cords and multiple laptops spread around the living room. But it's going to be oh so cool when I'm done.

The Wii Fit board gets a spot in the middle of the living room also, because another project is to actually use it. But I'm going to be oh so healthy when I'm - well, you get the point.

The list could go on for a while. The point is, the house is disheveled, and it's a direct reflection of my brain. This is the point in ProjectLand that I must discipline myself to not start any new projects, and to methodically finish those I have started. It will be good for the mind and good for the soul and good for the state of my house.


Staci said...

I so know what you mean. I also have a habit of buying a bunch of stuff to start a project, and finally putting it in a box and storing it, because I just never get around to it....

There's an award for you over on my blog! Your blog is wonderful!

Disney Scrapper said...

Gee, glad my husband doesn't see this or he may just throw my phone in the closet on purpose (lol).