Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday already

Ah Monday. My days are all messed up. I took Friday off, worked Saturday, had a busy Sunday and wow, here we are back at the beginning again. Was there a weekend and I missed it?

You know how when you see identical twins you get all "oh, how cute" and stuff? But it's just weird when you see two 47 year old identical twins. I "volunteered" at my sister's school (she's the principal) on Friday, teaching Junior Achievement to 1st graders. They had a volunteer for every classroom so the school was full of extra people. My twin sister and I don't think we look alike, but the reaction of other people says otherwise. I forgot to put on my "I'm not Mrs. Zimmerman" badge so was accosted repeatedly by people who wanted me to sign something or discuss some random piece of paper I'd never seen or just say hi. By the way sis, your new office chairs will be in some time next week. I went with blue. Also, I'm sure it really irks her that people mistake me for her since I'm the more, um, expanded version. I've got a good number of pounds on her. She's one of those "oh, I'll just have some pita chips and humus for lunch" kind of people. I'm not.

After wrangling 1st graders all day I shot over to The State's University to wish Tessa a happy 20th. Mark went to see his parents, so I had Tessa all to myself. She's had the flu all week, but was still healthy enough for a free dinner out and to ask for a new dress. We went to three stores and there was nothing appealing out there. You would think with the bad economy everyone is talking about the stores would be overflowing with merchandise. Apparently Stillwater didn't get the memo, 'cause they got nothin'. But she got a free meal and a delicious pink cake and her momma all to herself. Well, she also got a Coach Swingpack, but that was given to her earlier. So no, I didn't just give her a cake and make her ask for a new dress. Sheesh.

Angela worked with me on Saturday, which really made having to work so much better. Somehow I managed to have the most amazing daughters. And believe me, it wasn't because of my stellar parenting skills. Sometimes I think some kids are just born exceptional. Once a priest in Romania told me they have a saying that every crow thinks her child is a dove. Just thought I'd throw that out there. I remember asking him if he was calling me an old crow. He was a very funny priest.

Last night we saw Brian Regan at the Civic Center. Mark laughed for 120 minutes without stopping. I thought he was going to bust something. I laughed too, but my laughing is sort of more nodding my head and thinking "now that's funny". I'm not so much a guffaw-er. But my face did hurt by the end of the evening. That's a good sign.

Oh, and one more thing. My kitchen cabinet doors were delivered on Friday. They are beautiful hand made doors, which is out of character for this old house. It will be sort of like putting pearls on a pig. I started the long painting process and now I'm hallucinating from the fumes. I think I'll let the air clear a bit before attempting to hang them. I don't want it to look like Peewee Herman's kitchen.

Hope you have a good one. Mondays lead to Fridays so it's almost the weekend.

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