Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In search of a well ordered life

It appears that the little dog, Sadie, has grown thumbs herself. Or maybe Winnie has been teaching doggie door opening classes while we were away. For the last couple of nights Sadie has managed to open the bedroom door while we snore, and go curl up on the comfy couch in the living room.

Yesterday evening Mark turned on the sprinkler in the front yard. Guess what was still running when we got up this morning. Let's just say the "lawn" is well watered. Lawn is in quotes because the front yard hasn't quite achieved that lawn quality yet.

I can't find my camera. I'm so bummed. I got it for my birthday and I really liked it and now it has gone missing.

At this moment a load of laundry is washing that has been washed several times but never put in the dryer because we keep forgetting it's there.

Do you see a pattern? I think we need to tighten up this ship.

1 comment:

Mark said...

NOT TRUE!!! That load is in the dryer after being washed again last night and a NEW load is in the wash!!