Thursday, April 23, 2009

Inheritance news

Dear children of mine, church home, alma mater - I am telling you all right now that when I die there will be no multi-million dollar trust fund like what was left by Wilma Davis McElmurry. Mrs. McElmerry, a Custer County, Oklahoma woman who spent 30 years as a teacher in Arapaho and Clinton, left 5 million dollars on her death to three different institutions.

I've heard that millionaires are often people who are just frugal, spending little of what they make, living simply. I've always been of the opinion that life is short and you can't take it with you so why not spend it. Not really a good plan for retirement.

Our financial goal at this point in our life is to be debt free at retirement, including a home with no mortgage. That, I believe, is a doable goal, even at our age. And we're on the right track.

We've spent almost 20 years, a good many of the money making years, working for ministries and non-profits, as our bank account shows. My only hope is that the investments we have made in our family and in serving others will be the "million dollar" legacy we pass on to the next generations.

Speaking of money, don't forget to find a place to join the Town Hall for Hope tonight. And watch this video. Pretty good, aye?


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jen said...

I'm not holding out on anyone either.

I like your placement of the ads. I've earned enought to buy a lens for my Nikon - not big money - not a reason to keep on blogging - but it's something, right?