Monday, April 6, 2009

Inquiring minds want to know

Thought I'd update you on a few things since I know you've been wondering what happened since I last posted about these topics. Because I know you have nothing better to do than wonder what is going on in my life. Well...

First, Tessa survived the solo on Saturday at Spring Sing. She did very well and is glad it's over. She had an entourage of 9 family members and friends and the grans came bearing a dozen red roses, so she was happy. We finished the night at Hideaway in Stillwater where, OMG, they were having a bad service night. Asking us to repeat our drink order 5 times to 3 different people(not kidding), bringing out a mini instead of a medium pizza, and completely forgetting one whole pizza didn't make for the best impression for those who had never been there. Usually they're way more on the ball than that. Thankfully we got out of there without any member of our party going ballistic. We were having a good time being together and the food was sort of incidental.

Hmmm, how's the world's fastest kitchen remodel going, you ask?

Next question.

OK, so it's possibly the world's slowest kitchen remodel. What can I say. Half the kitchen - the part with the appliances, is pretty much done. The other half, where the kitchen table sits, is now under major construction. Old houses are always full of surprises. This weekend we peeled back a layer of really ugly paneling to find...another layer of really ugly paneling...and under that...siding. Yep. One wall of our kitchen was at some point the outside wall of the house. Yay! At some point I thought about just painting the siding and calling it unique, but then we decided it would be weird unique, not cool unique. So here comes the sheetrock. We hope to be done by 2011.

How is the battle of the bulge going? Wow, you people ask tough questions. It's going. That's about all I'm going to say on that subject. Let's just say I haven't given up, a few battles have been won, but the war is going to be protracted and full of casualties. Baked goods beware. You are on the terrorist list and will find yourself living out your days at Gitmo.

I just thought of something. Gitmo would be a really good name for a convenience store. You know, like Shop 'n Go or Quicktrip. Their jingle could go "When times are tuff, go where you can git mo' stuff." I know. I'm a marketing genious.

Mark just got back from the grocery store, so I'm going to go unload the food and stop wasting your time.

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jenX67 said...

Great update. I love your new header.