Wednesday, April 15, 2009

There's Hope?

Dave Ramsey, money manager guru, author and national radio dude, is "choosing not to participate in this recession". You can do that? Who knew?

More than 5,000 - that's FIVE THOUSAND - locations so far have registered to host folks for this nation-wide town hall meeting. Dave, who is never boring, will be answering questions from folks live by satellite, from youtube, from twitter, name a social media, he'll be using it to communicate and answer questions. It's all about how to be financially healthy in this "difficult economic time". I'm excited to hear what he has to say.

And the really cool part is that it's being broadcast from right here in Oklahoma City. Yep, our little city is the epicenter for HOPE. Now that's just spectacular. So go - click away and find out where you can participate. Not in the recession - in the Town Hall for Hope!!!


Mark said...

I love it when Christian people think "Outside the Box". Who knew that you could have such a positive attitude when the economy is so down? When you realize that CHRIST is the answer!

Cari said...

I know! I'm totally psyched about this event! Maybe a little nervous about hosting, but very excited! nearly a million people?! He better bring his A game, huh?! as if he doesn't always!