Thursday, September 24, 2009

What the Fungi?!

Half the time I don't write on this blog for fear of over-sharing. I could sit down here every day and pour out my thoughts, because, let me tell you, there's plenty going on. But like pretty much everyone else in the universe, I live amongst people and people have feelings. And I have feelings. And boundaries. So I'm never quite sure where the line is between being honest and open versus crossing some boundary line.

I took the photo of these mushrooms while lying on my belly in my backyard. I'm in a LOT of pain with my back lately, so that was no small effort. I hope you appreciate it! These 'shrooms are a symbol of life to me. They represent the unplanned, unexpected things that just pop up to mar the landscape. You think you've gotten your life like your lawn - all green and healthy and free of weeds and debris. Then you turn around and there's fungi. WTF! I didn't see that coming.

So anyway, here's an edited list of my life, because I haven't done a list in a very long time, and you all know how much I love a good list.

  1. My back is "out" whatever that means, and I can't seem to get any relief. Finally went to the doc yesterday and got pain meds, muscle relaxers and steroids. Trouble is, when I take any of these things I'm down for the count. I pretty much do a face plant in my pillow and don't move, which seems like a total waste of these beautiful fall days.
  2. While visiting the doctor yesterday, I ran into a familiar face. My husband - who was in the next exam room with my father-in-law. The FiL had fallen down some stairs and hurt his shoulder. Fortunately nothing is broken or torn - just very painful. He's on the same meds I am. Yay. Mark is now in search of some of that non-skid, glow-in-the-dark tape to put on the offending stairs to keep that from happening in the future. And the good doc is leaving on a trip to Cancun tomorrow, funded in large part by my family! The man is now treating three generations of accident prone Ogdens.
  3. Mark lost his job last week. Yay. That's an odd phrase, don't you think? I mean, he knows where his job was/is. But it's not like if he looks long enough, or tries to remember where he put it, he will get it back. So yeah. What the Fungi!
  4. I've been arguing with my boss all week. Seriously. Is he just that stupid or am I just in that much pain. (see #1)
  5. The Aunties are coming. This is a very good thing. But it has caused a great deal of confusion with the precious mother-in-law, who can't remember what week or day her sisters are coming, and can't get up the stairs to see that the extra bedrooms are prepared, thus prompting much worry and fussing. What I really want to do is set up a video camera and let it roll while the sisters reminisce about the dust bowl days. I love to hear the stories and I'm afraid they will be lost soon. Haven't I seen public service announcements looking for people who lived through the dust bowl? Anyone know?
So yep, a small sampling of the stuff that's popped up in my lawn/life. What you don't see here is the emotion, the anger, frustration, pain, joy, laughter that comes with life's fungi. I'm trying to stay well back from the over-sharing boundary line. Which makes for some pretty boring reading, I suppose. Not to mention we all have fungi, so who wants to read about mine.


Shari said...

I love the new meaning for WTF! Makes perfect sense to me. Thanks for sharing.

Let's schedule an outdoor outing in which it is appropriate to ignore all boundaries and just scream what you think at the trees and the sky. You in?

Cindy said...

Totally understand the issue of oversharing. BTW, I've "lost my job" also. Effective October 12th. Who knew you could schedule that?

jenX said...

I hate to break it to you, but the boss is that stupid.

I hope your back feels better soon.

I always wish my diary were more private, but I'm not sure I could stand my own unedited stream of consciousness.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Sorry to hear about your back!

My grandmother lived through the dust bowl and I've been seriously considering getting her story down and possibly turning it into a memoir. I'd better get on that, cuz, well, you never know, right?

Cari said...

Shari- I'm so in. When and where?

Cindy-sorry to hear about "losing" your job. I don't know if it's better or worse to have some notice.

Hi Jen - You're right about the boss. Seriously!

Nanny-The aunts came and went and we didn't get any of their conversations on tape. Maybe next time. Hopefully there will be a next time!