Sunday, December 6, 2009

Because who doesn't like bacon!!

OMG - I'm so excited! I just called my friend Judy to squeal but she was herding preschoolers into church for their Christmas program and couldn't talk. Her daughter and son-in-law's business is mentioned on Martha Stewart's website. Squeal, squeal!

You may remember reading about Skillet Street Food when Mark and I tracked them down in Seattle a few years back. This entrepreneurial young couple has been working hard to make a go of an exciting business idea. New businesses are challenging and they've been blessed with a little guy named Huxley, and life is busy but money is tight. I hope this Martha Stewart connection busts it wide open for 'em.

And it's all about bacon. And who doesn't like bacon??? Seriously check this link out and buy some bacon jam. Knowing this couple, you'll be getting a truly tasty and quality product and supporting a great young family.


Cori said...

OMG BACON!!!!!!!!!!!

Cari said...

Cori - OMG you were the first person I thought of!!!