Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Road to Austin

Austin here I come. The only place I've been in Texas is the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. Oh, and Amarillo on my way west. Oh, and Galveston briefly before getting on a cruise to celebrate our 25th anniversary. But I hear Austin is a great place to visit. I'm thinking, though, that this weekend may not have been the best choice. There's a huge winter storm headed that direction.

I planned this trip for work, and invited Mark to come along. We extended the visit by a day so we could hang out and explore the city. We may be exploring everything indoors. I mean like restaurants and shopping, people.

Weather has been a constant topic of conversation lately. What are we? Old? Only old people talk endlessly about weather and politics and the price of gas, right? What was it we talked about when we were young? I don't remember.

Mark is the Trip-Miester, planning even trips to the grocery store in great detail. Well, maybe not the grocery store. That's where he goes on auto-pilot and works the isles in exact order, neatly stacking the familiar brands in his basket in a specific order that I'm not privy to. He has a plan and a pace and I'm welcome only if I can keep up and don't drift.

Anyway - he already has explored Austin on Mapquest, plotting out points of interest and importance. He's printed out all the boarding passes and checked the weather. Now he's looking for the umbrella. I'm pretty sure he was a tour guide in a previous life. I just get to relax and follow the man with the umbrella who is leading the way.

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Stephen said...

There's medication for that. I would know. :-)