Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thank you, Joe Biden, for making me feel better about myself

I just heard some great news. Middle aged women need to exercise one hour per day, every day, to maintain their weight. So what, two hours a day, every day, to lose weight? That's a big efing deal. What is wrong with that picture. What's wrong with it is that it ain't gonna happen.

In other exercise-related news, my teacher daughter, Angela, ran four and a half miles the other day. That's all in one run. Like she left the house and ran four and a half miles before coming back to the house. That's a big efing deal. No one in our family is a runner. No one. Until now.

And can we talk potty mouths? Good 'ol Joe Biden celebrated the signing of the health bill by whispering obscenities into President Obama's ear, and straight into an open mike. Every time I wish I could take back some rude comment I just threw out into the universe I think of our buddy Joe. He sets the bar pretty high for folks who enjoy a lack of self-censoring. I hear there are now t-shirts. That's a big efing deal.

Lastly in this scintillating blog post, it's going to be an expensive week. It takes a LOT of work to keep this middle aged woman presentable. Tomorrow is Hair Happiness Day, with a hair cut and highlights scheduled. And everyone in my life says, it's about time! Then I really, really need to stock up on all the cosmetics that camouflage my many deficiencies. I've let them all run out. There's another chunk of change.

My sister is a couponer, and is gloating right now about the hundreds of dollars she has saved on shampoo, deodorant and cosmetics. Gloat on, sister dear. Saving that much money is a big efing deal.

Today's post brought to you by potty mouths and open mikes everywhere.


Stephen said...

Joe's a big efing dork. Come to think of it, in my lifetime, pretty much all of 'em have been dorks. I think it's a job requirement - comedic relief perhaps. Think about it - Cheney, Gore, Quayle, Bush Sr., Mondale, Ford... all dorks. But Joe, yeah, he's a big efing dork.

Extreme Educators said...

I was very proud to have been honorably mentioned in your blog post. Of course I am also still very sore from said run. Also, I must have missed Joe's not-so-shining-moment. I only saw Obama signing his name with 22 different pens and then handing them out. I think I should have gotten a pen. Maybe next time he signs a historic bill he can use a couple of pens to auction off on ebay and make some money to pay for the bill!

Payad said...

2 hours of excersice everyday..only aerobic teacher can do that.

ReRe said...

biden is the kate gosselin of dancing with the stars. you know she's bad and should go home, but you can't stop watching!

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