Wednesday, July 14, 2010


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Just me and the skunk this morning, hanging out on the patio. I've been wondering why Winnie (the dog) is so interested in our garden shed lately! Now I know. A cute little kitty with a white stripe down her back has made her home behind said shed.

Yesterday I called animal control to arrange for a little help. The man who answered the phone informed me that skunks were wild animals. Um, yes sir. Yes they are. You have indeed put your finger on the reason for my call.

The city animal control does not, apparently, control wild animals in the city. Domesticated - yes. Wild - no.

I then called someone advertising themselves as an outfit that could help me with my potentially odorific problem. They prefer enticing the skunk out of its home, then once it's gone, filling in the hole and skunk-proofing the property. For a mere $300, ma'am. Or, if I just want to get rid of the skunk (insert disapproving tone) he could put me in contact with Trapper Dave.

So right now we still hold our collective breath every time we let the dog out into the yard. I'm a little less enthusiastic about wandering out to my garden at dawn to pick my beautiful tomatoes. Speaking of tomatoes, I read that the use of tomato juice after being sprayed by a skunk is not all that helpful. The Skunk Whisperer recommends a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and liquid dish soap. Maybe I should assemble an emergency kit just in case.

I'm sure I could draw some life lesson from all of the above for your/my edification... something about keeping the mental and spiritual fences mended, not allowing pesky thoughts and attitudes to burrow in your head - making them that much harder to get rid of, calling in an expert when needed...

Nah. I'll leave that up to you. Although I would be interested in knowing what your "emergency kit" is for keeping the unwanted and potentially malodorous attitudes out of your life.

While you're contemplating these deep thoughts, you can watch an episode of Nature- "Is That Skunk?" Interesting!!


Stephen said...

Funny, I'm just getting over a case of stinkin' thinkin' myself. If you discover an effective prophylactic, let me know.

Shari said...

Normal part of our country life. The dogs have finally learned, I think, to avoid their skunk friends because the two bottles of Skunk Off stuff are still waiting in anticipation in my cupboard. I'll loan you one.