Friday, July 2, 2010

Today is the first day of...yada yada yada

Day two of unemployment. And no, I'm not planning to give you a rundown of each and every day as they begin to blend together in a never-ending series of "what do I do now". Today I woke up super anxious. That aching, nervous feeling in my belly greeted me about the time the sun came up. And considering we're only days on the other side of the summer solstice, the sun appears very, very early. Well, not as early as it does in say, Minsk, but early enough.

It's sort of a nameless, panicky nervous. I mean, I have no responsibilities whatsoever. What could I possibly be all jittery about. Oh yeah, the mortgage, the car payments, one more year of college. We were doing so well on our plan to be relatively debt free with two college-educated offspring by this time next year. God, please don't let that plan go down the toilet.

Good think God listens to disjointed shout outs. Because right now I have the attention span of my grandpuppy, and that's not very impressive.

I need to go downstairs and help my precious mother-in-law get ready to go to the dentist. We're down ten teeth from a month ago. Those suckers just keep breaking off. No sooner do we settle on a treatment plan with the dentist and another couple teeth bite the dust. Or a cracker. Or a peanut. It doesn't seem to take much.

Because we're also dealing with deepening dementia (not me - her. But wait a month...) it has been difficult to coax her to the dentist or even keep her partials in her mouth. I'm hoping today we can find something that works for her. One can only eat so much applesauce and cottage cheese!

And yes, it's a rare blogger who can find a way to work cottage cheese into a blog post.

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