Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Copy Cat

So I've been considering blogging for awhile, but keep asking myself - "who really cares what you think?!" Given the answer is probably "no one", except maybe my mother-in-law, whom I adore and rarely write...I'm gonna treat this like a journal and not really care who admires my eloquence (or lack of...)

My twin sister, Shari, pointed the way, although I distinctly remember explaining to her just what a blog was not so very long ago. That's often the way it has been in our 46 year relationship. One of us starts something, and the other expands on it. But our thoughts seems to be more and more intertwined. Interesting. I read recently that twins who were raised apart are more alike than twins who were raised together, because the twins who were raised together spend all their time trying to be different.

I'll just accept the fact that we both love to write, and that we're both showing signs of pre-middle-age dementia. Yes, she loses her keys and purse more often these day. Yes, I put the left over tomatoes in the bag of shredded cheese just two days ago and was happy to finally find them! I've instructed our daughters to make sure we share a room at the assisted living facility.


Extreme Gardener said...

I'll put a tape line down the middle of our nursing home room and dare you to cross it with your walker!

Fishlicity said...

I am so glad you joined the blogging world! It is the cool thing to do you know....:)