Friday, December 28, 2007

Sunroom on a dreary day

Haven't left the house for two days. Loving it! It's cold out there and warm in here and there are plenty of things to keep me busy. The sunroom, which was most recently used as "wedding central" for Angela's wedding paraphernalia (i.e. storage), is being transformed over Christmas break into a proper sunroom, complete with wicker furniture and green plants. At least that's the plan. For now it's in the messy stage filled with paint buckets and tools. The good news - the demolition stage is over. But like every other project in this old house, it's a much bigger project than we had anticipated. I still have hope it will be done by the end of my vacation.

We are slowly closing in on the kitchen as the last untouched room. Maybe sometime in 2008 it too will get a face lift. We'll see.

How do you get paint off a dog's ear?

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