Friday, January 4, 2008

Better Shape Up

Yeah, so the cable guy finally came today and fixed the internet connection so I can get back online. Hurrah! Winding down my two week vacation. I'm kind of enjoying being a woman of leisure. If leisure is sweating on my hands and knees pulling up old flooring, or getting carpal tunnel from holding a paint brush for hours. But the sun room is looking good. Mark and Berry are going to lay the floor tomorrow since doing so would be the last straw for my back. You'd think I was 46 and out of shape or something.

Speaking of being out of shape, I'm once again tackling my "shape". Round is NOT in. I'd like to be more longitudinal than latitudinal. For some reason I've developed several bad habits. And I don't mean too much bread and sweets, although that's true also.

Bad Habit #1 - Letting others decide how my time will be used. - What woman likes to put herself first. That seems like the antithesis to being a wife or mother. Seems so selfish. At least that is what I've been telling myself. But really who in my family would balk at my taking care of myself before taking care of them? I'm thinking no one. So pretty sure that's a cop-out ( what was I born in the 60's? Who actually says cop-out?)

Bad Habit #2 - Protecting myself. Somewhere along the way I've convinced myself that my body needs protection (probably after years of being sick with some weird intestinal thing). My body DOES need protection. But not the sit-on-the-couch kind. The build-healthy-bones-and-muscles kind. Weird things our brains do to us. Need to fight this one.

Bad Habit #3 - Telling myself I'll start tomorrow. Nuff said.

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Extreme Gardener said...

Go for it! I wish you a healthy, happy year.