Monday, January 7, 2008

three-and-four, five-and-six

Just came back from our first dance lesson. Swing dance is what we're learning. Theoretically! I think we did actually learn something though. It is definitely good exercise and a lot more fun than jogging. It's a challenge to be the follower when everyone in the room is learning - trying to trust someone who you know is just as inexperienced as you. I'm sure there's a sermon in there somewhere. We traded partners often, so Mark ended up half way around the room from me by the time we were finished. I'm thinking that might be partially to keep the peace. I would imagine if a room full of couples were left to partner only with themselves, some fights might break out. This way you have to be polite to a stranger when they mess up, and they have to be nice to you. I KNOW there's a sermon there. We have a week to practice before learning something new at the next lesson. Good thing too!

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Fishlicity said...

I took swing dancing lessons once. It was quite fun. I did it with a girlfriend of I am sure it was not quite the same experience...but I had fun anyway. Enjoy!