Monday, June 8, 2009

al desko (al.DES.koh) adv. At a desk

Why do some restaurants feel their tiny cup of soup is worth $6.75? Really - it wasn't that spectacular! I could have opened a can of Campbell's Vegetable Beef Soup, added some Tabasco, and had the same product. But I didn't and I guess that's the difference. Lunch time at the office is always a challenge. I REALLY don't want to stay in my office and eat my sandwich al desko. I need to stretch and get out of the "zone" for awhile. If I bring my lunch I end up driving around with it or parking at Chesapeake Boathouse and nibbling while listening to SportsTalk Radio or NPR. Woohoo! I could join the YMCA and work out, but who wants to come back to work all sweaty?! I could walk, but who wants to get mugged? I don't work in the best neighborhood. I know - as my friend Judy would say - "want some cheese with that whine?"

cup-holder cuisine (KUP-hohl.dur kwee.zeen) n. Food meant to be consumed while driving in a car or truck and that comes in a package designed to fit inside a cup-holder.
dashboard dining n. Eating a meal while driving.
carcooning ( pp. Using one's car for working, playing, eating, grooming and other tasks normally performed at home or at the office.—carcoon v., n.
deskfast (DESK.fust) n. Breakfast eaten at a desk. —v., adj.

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Fishlicity said...

You are so cute! :) Sure do miss you guys!

Extreme Gardener said...

I liked "Al Desko!" I kow that will now stick in my brain as I sit down with my lunch at my desk! I've been trying to at least get out of the office to eat, but I can just go down the hall and hang out with folks for lunch.