Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Horse Whisperer

Mark has this weird ability to draw children and animals to himself. It's like he was Santa in another life. Parents will say to me, Oh little Johnny, he's shy. He doesn't go to strangers. Then they'll turn around and there's little Johnny, sitting on Mark's lap telling Mark what he wants for Christmas. Just kidding about the Christmas part. Unless it's December. But the rest is eerily true. They seem to trust him intuitively.

It's the same with animals. Saturday Mark was out at The Wilds of BLC where he volunteers regularly. They were setting up for Christmas in the Barn when little Hayden let one of the horses out of the gate. After watching the others chase the less-than-tame horse around 40 acres for a good bit of time, Mark finally shooed everyone away, grabbed a handful of hay and gently talked the horse back in it's pasture. And he's a city boy through and through. Weird.

Just when I think he's the original horse/child whisperer, he opens the window and yells at the first grade neighbor kid for throwing things over the fence into our yard. Where did that come from? Of course, this is the kid who paintballed the side of our house (had to clean it off, of course) and was screaming "you're a faggot" at another kid the other day. Maybe he just draws well behaved children to himself!

Go ahead. Bring your kid over. We'll see whether he's naughty or nice.


Anonymous said...

Good Stuff. Mark can be that way. Now just add the white beard and red hat and you will be set. too bad we don't do the Santa thing out here.

Judy said...

You know...it's truly a shame that back in 1997 the wonder boy M. was passed over for the role in the movie of the same name as your blog title, H.W. I mean...quite honestly, WHAT was Hollywood thinking in selecting, what's that guy's name, Robert something-or-other over our Mark! I think he and Kristin Thomas, the horse and the movie viewing world would have been mucho better off. Then YOU would be independently wealthy and be free to decorate/write/craft/sew/sleep to your hearts content.....

Cari said...

Berry- there wasn't a horse whisperer in the manger? Oh wait, that was God incarnate!
Judy - Yes, they missed the boat on not casting M for that role. I'd be a lady of leisure right now.

Mark B said...

hahahaha nice

I work with your husband and he's amazing.

I enjoy it.