Saturday, March 1, 2008

Leap year make up day

News flash!! It's the first day of March! We enjoyed a whole extra day in our lives yesterday. February 29th - an extra 24 hours that we don't get just any old year. I'm thinking it makes up for a little of the wasted time in the past four years:

  • on hold with the health insurance companies
  • trying to understand how insurance companies think
  • trying to explain that ADD does not magically go away after the age of 20, although the insurance company no longer recognizes it as an illness after the age of 20
  • trying to explain that arthritis should be a good-enough reason to go to see the doctor
  • on hold with the cable company
  • trying to convince the cable company that I really am Cari, even though I failed the security questions because I can't remember my 4 digit pin number I set up more than four years ago
  • on hold with the bank
  • trying to explain why I want to order a fourth bank card for Tessa
  • trying to explain to the bank that I really am Cari even though I failed the security question because the address they have on record is not my actual address, which is not my fault, since it hasn't changed in years, but because of security reasons they can't tell me what address they have on record so I can help them understand why it's not my actual address
  • on hold with the car insurance company
  • trying to explain why Angela should not be at fault in a car accident where a very large truck rear-ended her on the highway
  • trying to understand why the insurance company will not provide a rental car, even though we have that in our policy, but apparently since the car was totalled there is no longer a car to have a policy for, so there is no rental car benefit - even though this is exactly a reason why we have a rental car benefit in our policy

Actually, I think the combined total of all of the above was more than 24 hours. Bummer. Oh well. At least I spent Feb 29th doing something good for a bunch of grateful people. That makes the extra day meaningful.

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Extreme Gardener said...

Oh my. You win the most reasons to curse (at least in your mind) at "customer service" representatives award. Wow. I frequently have no idea what my special pin/code is so I start going down my list of 5 or 6 interchangeable ones I use. Sometimes I get lucky on the first one and they acknowledge to me that I am, indeed, me.