Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Girlie girls

Kitchen duty at the sorority house was fun - made more fun because Angela came to hang out today. There my title is "Tessa's Mom". Any title implies some responsibility or association. While I can't accept too much responsibility for having such amazing daughters since they are sort of naturally awesome, I can definitely claim association. I proudly wear the title of "Mom".

It was pretty warm in the sorority kitchen where I spent the last two days. We served about 1500 goblets of ice water, garnished with lime wedges and passed on silver trays. After spending two days with about 6 women, I know who their children are, but I don't really know what they "do". I'm guessing most of them have meaningful work. At least half of them were alumna of the sorority. It started me thinking - women don't ask, "What do you do?" as a way to get to know each other, like men do. We relate through our families. Women make all major decisions based on how it will affect their family. That's why relief agencies find that if they ask the women what is needed to make life easier in a refuge camp, for instance, they will have the most impact. Handing out bags of rice when there is no water, pots, or heat source is not helpful. A woman can tell you that.

It's hard to imagine life in countries where women have limited education opportunities, few rights, and little respect when you see literally hundreds of bright, educated, strong young women excited about the opportunity to unite in sisterhood with other, equally bright and talented girls. I'm glad my daughters were born in the USA.

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