Saturday, August 23, 2008

Made in Oklahoma

The gauge on Mark's Fun-o-Meter was flickering near empty, so we took a day trip. The goal was to avoid all highways and drive through the Oklahoma countryside to Woods and Waters Winery outside Anadarko. Mission accomplished. It's a little surreal to encounter a man named Dale who speaks four languages, has traveled the world, and operates a winery with his Russian wife Lena in rural Oklahoma. But it looks like they've got a good thing going on their 600 acres. Twenty of them are planted with grapes. We had lunch while listening to two young men play classical guitar, then spent a few minutes under Dale's friendly tutelage learning about their locally-produced wines. We now know a little more about wines, but that's not saying much when our starting knowledge was pretty close to zero. We came home with a bottle of Rose of Caddo (it WAS grown in Caddo County after all), and a bottle of Fire Water, a white jalapeno wine. Yes, jalapeno. You can feel the burn.


Shari said...

Sounds like a fun day! But really, Jalapeno wine???

Fishlicity said...

Jalepeno wine. Well see, I have a few problems with that... One, I think I am allergic to jalepenos or something. every time I cut those evil peppers, I run away screaming becasue my hands have chemical burns on them. So, drinking jalepeno wine could be detrimental to my health... :) But hey, whatever floats your boat! Salud!