Monday, August 25, 2008

Life's lessons

Just came inside from scooping the dog poo. I was thinking as I was shoveling how it was a metaphor for the life of a wife and mother. I'm not bashing anyone, male or otherwise. I'm just sayin' is all. When it comes to stuff no one else wants to do, guess who steps up? Because seriously, who wants to let someone else do the job when you have to listen to the gagging, retching sounds of someone who can't handle the poo. And handling poo is what we do. Just clean it up and make things better. The alternative is to let the lawnmower run over it, and fling it where poo does not need to be. Why fling the poo and involve the rest of the yard when you can just dispose of it while it's fresh and contained in one small area. I think I'll call it the "poo-principle", write a book, and become a millionaire.

Speaking of disgusting things, Mark had a little incident at work today. He picked up his big plastic Eskimo Joe's cup to go get some water. It felt a little heavy. Since he doesn't see well and the cup is black, he just assumed it had a little water in it. Went to the men's room to dump it in the sink, and out came... a dead mouse. Eeeww! There is construction going on at his work site and they've been having trouble with mice. I'd say that's trouble. Nasty! Disgusting! He assured me he threw the cup away along with the mouse. I'm sure there's a metaphor for life there but it's too disgusting to think about.

I keep hoping these two will help keep the mice away in our house. They'd have to stop scratching, farting and/or sleeping long enough to notice though.

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