Thursday, October 16, 2008

Coffee anyone?

I love this weather. Chilly and slightly damp. Good for napping and drinking decaf soy caramel machiatos, or my new favorite, decaf soy pumpkin lattes. I'm not ashamed to fork over my hard earned cash for an overpriced cup of coffee. I know. In these economic hard times (We get it already! Half the reason the times are hard economically is 'cause you keep telling us they're hard) Any way, I digress. In these economic hard times, I should be making my pumpkin lattes at home. But they're never the same. And I'm sorry but I'm just not gonna bake an orange cranberry scone like they do. I clean my own house, cook my own food. I'm gonna continue hiring someone to make my cup of coffee. Occasionally. Maybe once a week. As a treat.


Extreme Educators said...

I agree! The first peppermint mocha of the season is a momentous occasion! Sure I could make my own, but there is just something about the cute little red cup with red sprinkles on the whipped cream that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I say screw the failing economy, bring on the coffee!

Judy said...

With my new found information in blogging land I now can post as me, and not your mother! So...thanks for the tip you left further down the page, my dear!
As far as purchasing vs. making...I will not make. When my extreme educator was getting educated in CA, I have been known to phone her in October from Barnes and Noble to joyously announce THE 1ST PEPPERMINT MOCHA AS ARRIVED!!! Truly a sign to dust off the pumpkin centerpiece, drag out Drake's favorite spooky-ooky haunted house ceramic centerpiece and celebrate. Now if I could only find these items in the abyss I call a closet...
Here's to Starbucks. ( or wherever your coffee joy comes from)