Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm not old yet

I'm 47 years old and although my spirit tells me I'm still 17, my body is telling me otherwise. No, my body is SHOUTING that I'm no teenager. I've been having trouble seeing even with my bifocals. I finally decided that seeing double was not fun, gave up this week and made an eye doctor appointment. Sure enough, I got a new prescription. The 16 year old optometrist put a prism in my rx, since apparently my eyes have decided to follow their own paths. Now I'm in the adjustment stage where the world looks like it's one huge, sloping ball and bright colors have taken on a life of their own, jumping out at me in 3-D. It's been chilly and damp this week and the knuckle on my pinky finger is killing me. Arthritis? No wonder people complain. That sucker hurts! And then there's the Restless Leg Syndrome. Thank goodness there's drugs for that or I'd never sleep. And don't even get me started about the struggle to lose weight.

Wow, I just wrote a whole paragraph about my aches and pains. If I needed any further proof of my aging self, that is it. Despite my body's apparent slide down the slippery slope, I'm not ready for my AARP card yet. I just require more sleep than I used to.

Speaking of requiring sleep, we went to visit Tessa last night. It's OSU's homecoming weekend and the Sororities and Fraternities host a "Walk Around". They spend the first couple of months of school building these monstrously huge displays, complete with moving parts. Every cherry picker in the state must be in Stillwater right now. It's pretty awesome and thousands of people show up to trample the lawns on Greek Row to get a closer look. It's very fun, although we, being old, went early so we wouldn't have to deal with the shoulder to shoulder crowds that jam the streets later in the evening. Tessa hadn't slept much in the last 24 hours. Her friend Terry from high school hadn't slept of showered for a couple of days. He looked exhausted but happy with his frat's display. For Tessa the chance to sleep was a long way off. There was still the pep rally to attend in Gallegher Iba Arena, then a birthday party for another frat friend. Then a short time to sleep before tailgating and the homecoming football game. Go Pokes!! She'll collapse some time in the wee hours Sunday morning. I'm just not up to that kind of punishment these days.


carikelley said...

Hey Cari! I just jumped over here via Cindy Beall's blog because we spell our names the same and I have also STRONGLY considered using the screen name/blog name Cari-Okie--'cause that's where I live :)

Then...I put 2 and 2 together and figured out that you are Mark's wife! So, hi!

and by the way, 47 is NOT even close to old!

Judy said...

Forty-seven, eh. Hmmm....In that case, you may find your BFF at Shady Acres Home for gals who are NINE years older than that. Just look for a woman in a chair, swaying gently back and forth to the glorious sounds of Mr. D., wondering when he will come and visit me..murmuring..."Neil, Neil...where ARE you...." and reliving her rock and roll youth with gay abandon, even in her advanced age.
Forty-seven indeed. Just a babe...a youngster...just WAIT!

preacherpen said...

47? I have socks older .... No, that was when I was in the military. Nearly a hundred years ago I was stationed @ Tinker Airplane Patch as an air traffic controller.

I found you through Scott William's blog tonight. You tell some wonderful stories and I can certainly imagine what you write about. My eyes aren't working the way they should, and my wife has the nerve to tell me I've got that restless leg thing.

Anyway, glad I stopped by, and you are more than welcome to visit my little slice of the net, too. Come, and bring friends with you.