Monday, November 24, 2008

Conversation killers

I'm trying to introduce as many people as I can to Twitter and so far I've managed to influence about ten people. I never said my circle of influence was large. I'm excited though because now I feel way more in touch with people I don't see every day. About 50% of my twitter following/follower list was in my living room the other day when all our cell phones started chirping, dinging, vibrating and buzzing at the same time. It was Tessa, who decided to comment about her sister, Angela, who was sitting about two feet away, setting off a ridiculous round of tweets amongst the people in the room.

That started me thinking how with twitter and blogging and text messaging and email there's not much to talk about when the family all gets together.

Me: Oh, the other day Mark did the funniest thing...
Mom: Yeah, I read it on your blog.
(silence. sip my coffee)

Mom: Did you get my email about borrowing the popcorn machine for the party?
Me: Yep. I replied with my answer.
(pick at my chipped nail polish)

Mom: Cori's coming home on...
Me interrupting: Mm hm. I saw it on twitter yesterday.
(check my iphone for messages)

Me: Well, gotta go. Great visiting with you.

At this rate we are going to forget the art of conversation. I've never been a big talker. I actually communicate more of myself in writing than I ever do verbally. But I'm going to have to keep some stories to myself so I'll have something to talk about next time I see you.


Shari said...

Yeah, I was gonna tell you about the... but I guess you read that. So, how 'bout the OK Thunder? How long did you last on the American Music Awards before all the dancers started to merge into a single identity?

Guess we'll have to brush up on philpsophy, theology and the latest hip hop trend!??

Cari said...

Yeah I guess there's a whole world out there to converse about. Maybe I'm just out of practice.

Cori said...

Why bother talking? Strange noises are much more interesting.

Mark said...

Look!!! There's a chicken!!!

Stephen Metz-Lago said...