Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm still mom

Even though the nest is empty most of the time, it gets filled back up occasionally. Well, as full as it can get when you only have two children in the first place. I wanted more kids way back when we were in the baby making season of our lives. But Mark, being the accountanator that he is, kept counting and said it wasn't a good idea. He counted seats in the car. Only four. He counted bedrooms. Only three. He counted adults. Only two and we don't want to be outnumbered. He counted dollars in the bank. End of discussion.

So we just had the two and they were blessing enough! Now they're mostly grown, but I occasionally still feel needed as a mom. Tessa is home from college and is sick. Can I make her a hot cup of tea and some waffles? Yes I can!! OK, the waffles were the frozen kind, but I toasted them for her! Like I'm gonna whip out the waffle iron. I'm happy to help Angela make bulletin boards for her classroom, or make Christmas gifts for Tessa's sorority sisters. As long as it involves decoupage. These things just make me feel like I'm still needed, still a mom. It's soothing and makes the empty nest a little more doable.

But just a little warning girlies - Once the grand babies start coming along, you're gonna get dropped like your junior-year boyfriend. So enjoy it while you got it.

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Extreme Educators said...

Dropped like whose junior-year boyfriend? Maybe you were refering to Tessa