Friday, November 21, 2008

Mind, Spirit, Body

I'm on va-ca-tion, I'm on va-ca-tion (said in a sing-songy voice while doing that little dancey thing). Not that I'm actually going ON vacation. I just took a week off from work. Tessa and niece Cori come home from college, we'll be doing a round of family dinners and traveling to the in-laws for a few days. I've been thinking lately how much I need to be putting emphasis on Spirit, Mind, and Body. Now is a good time to punch that into high gear. I'm feeling dull, drab, in a fog. Life is good. No complaints there. I'm just not taking care of myself.

True confession. I HATE exercising with a passion. I've never been particularly athletic. Never really had a hobby that involved getting my heart rate up. Biking? Hurts the tush, a good bike is expensive, I have balance issues. Running? Let's just say I'm well-endowed and the girls are difficult to constrain. Yoga? I missed out on the flexibility gene, plus there's the balance issues. I am a good swimmer, but it's just so...wet. Walking is my main form of exercise, but even then I get bored. What DO people do to stay healthy? I'm hoping to explore this side of myself this week. No promises, but hopefully fewer excuses.

I'm off to dust off my BEAN and see if I can at least work some kinks out.


Extreme Educators said...

I have recently been thinking the same thing. I would like to be healthy and not want to take a breather after climbing a few stairs, but what is there to do? I think running is the most pointless form of exercise in existence. I mean, think about it, nothing is chasing you, you are not trying to get somewhere quickly, in fact you end up where you started. Why waste your time?

Shari said...

I've often thought that there should be a ladies game night somewhere, where the unathletic can play dodge ball, or kickball, or other minimal skill, maximum action games to get moving and have fun! Guess not.

Cari said...

How about a ladies game night in your barn? I'm serious. Sounds fun to me!

Mark said...

Why is it always "Ladies" night??? How about a non-competitive male???