Wednesday, November 5, 2008

God, Bless Barack Obama.

I live in a very RED state, and, judging by the numbers, many others joined me in voting for John McCain. I considered writing something about my post-election thoughts today, but then I read a post by a young woman I've recently been following. I hope you take a minute to read what she had to say.

OK, I do have to add one thought. Somehow with all our traveling and living in foreign places, we've always managed to be in the USA to participate in the Presidential Elections. And we are always reminded that few other countries transition leadership as well as we do. As Americans we are passionate about our beliefs and we work hard to get the person in office who promises to uphold our beliefs. And in the end, we accept the outcome and are grateful for a democratic process that does not involve military coups (Mauritania), assassination of candidates (Pakistan) or dictators who refuse to leave office and torture or murder those who oppose (Zimbabwe). God bless America!

OK, so now read, please.

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