Monday, December 22, 2008

I heart lists

Lists are my friends. We understand each other. Although I rarely actually write my lists down on paper, there is a running list in my head at all times. It's hard to be at peace or to lounge in front of the TV with that long list in my head, but I somehow manage - at least the TV watching thing.

My list for today? Grout the shower (yes, if you've read my blogs or twitters you think I already grouted the shower. Long story, but today I need to grout the part that got ungrouted), caulk the shower (same long story), hang the towel rack, hang the shower curtain (more time consuming than you think since I tried to cheap it out and buy a shower curtain rod at Habitat for Humanity's Renovation Station - my home away from home - but it's too long and the instructions say you can just cut off an inch with a hack saw, but of course I can't find the hack saw), hang a curtain in my bedroom, clean up the renovation scattering of tools and paint supplies, try to figure out how to unclog the drain that got clogged with debris from the bathroom renovation despite our best efforts to not clog the drain, call the female relatives to see if they want to go to brunch tomorrow (if you're reading this, call me). That's my inside list.

My out-of-the-house list includes dragging Tessa to the eye glass store to buy new glasses because we still have money in our health reimbursement account and if we don't' spend it by the end of December we lose it, and picking up a few last minute gifts at three different places.

Then there's the list of things that never get done but are still lurking in the back of my brain to throw rocks and rob me of my peace. Clean off my desk and put some order to the papers (yes, I've read ALL the self-help books and articles on organizing but that doesn't mean I actually do it), bathe the dogs, write Christmas cards, organize the family photos, exercise, blah blah blah.

Then there's the work list, but I'm off for a week, so I'm not even going to think about that one.

When Tessa gets overwhelmed mid-semester and calls home complaining of too much to do, I always recommend making a list. She's never impressed. When Mark forgets to buy an important ingredient at the grocery store, I remind him he should have made a list. He's always grateful for my advice. At least Angela has learned to share my love of lists. We also share a passion for office products. We LOVE Post-it notes, paper clips, staplers.

Speaking of lists, I forgot one item on my "What not to get for Christmas" list. It's the Butt-Face towel. One end says "butt", the other "face" in case you forget which cheek you dried where. Personally I use two towels, one for the head/hair region, and one for the neck-down region so I don't have that problem. But if your loved one is a one-toweler and likes to reuse towels to save the environment, then it's something to think about. Or not think about, now that I think about it. Eeeww.


Anonymous said...

I'm a big list person too.
Making a grocery list for Christmas right now.
My husband does more around the house if I give him a list. He likes crossing things off and showing it to me afterwards. I find I have to be very specific with him though.
Heck, I even make a list of things I want to blog about. Otherwise I forget.

Shari said...

I'm in for brunch! What time?

I've finally decided in my wisdom of age that maybe it's good just to give up and wash a load of towels every other day! That way I'm not wondering if someone (who, I wonder?) might have used my towels instead of his, or I forget which one I put where... Probably way TMI!

Fishlicity said...

I seriously laughed for 10 minutes over the butt-face towel... oh man... good stuff.