Saturday, December 20, 2008

Here's a tip

We're on the countdown to Christmas and I'm not done with my Christmas shopping. Almost, but not totally done. I've been hearing some good Christmas gift ideas on National Public Radio (I'm an NPR groupie- someday I'll bless you with a blog about my favorites) and other places. Actually, some are really not good ideas at all. I've made my own list of gifts that are just not a good idea, unless you're playing Dirty Santa, which is a good southern term for exchanging White Elephant gifts, and if you don't know what either of those things are then you've never been to an office or Sunday School party. So here goes. Feel free to add other suggestions.

  1. Flame cologne - Does the Burger King King not remind you of a pervert? Not that I know any perverts, but if I did, he would look like the Burger King King. That guy gives me the creeps. Anyway, if your man doesn't smell beefy enough already, then go for it.
  2. Lottery ticket - Might as well light a few bucks on fire in front of your gift-recipient friend, then wish them a Merry Christmas 'cause that's about as much good as they're gonna get out of this gift. At least write a pre-gift agreement that they have to give you half if they win.
  3. Lingerie two sizes too small - Men, I personally think it's not a good idea to buy women lingerie, unless you have REALLY good taste and are at least smart enough to check the tags in your significant other's undies before heading to Victoria's Secret. Getting a teeny tiny thong two sizes too small does NOT get you any Christmas candy, if you know what I mean.
  4. Men's Underwear Repair Kit - Comes complete with safety pins, tape and White Out, but really, there should be no "repairing" of men's underwear. When you can feel a breeze, they need to go in the garbage. End of story.
  5. Anything with "Poop" in the title or any title related to poop - Seriously, do we not have enough to read? OK, maybe the classics "Everyone Poops" or "The Gas We Pass", but only if the giftee is under 5 years old. Otherwise, avoid titles such as "What's Your Poo Telling You", "Poop Culture" or "Who Cut the Cheese, A Cultural History of the Fart".
  6. Membership to Weight Watchers - no additional explanation needed.

If you find yourself with a few minutes between baking, shopping, traveling, are a few new sites to peruse.

Tessa showed me this site and I love it. You can do fun things with photos without having expensive software. This is where I edited my Tour of Homes photos.

If you like Mommy blogs, this is a good one. Not a lot of text, which can be refreshing on a mommy blog. She makes even the most mundane things beautiful in her photographs.

Speaking of Tessa, her sorority sisters found her last blog so she shut it down. She's up and running again here. I have no idea who the bears are, so don't ask me, but I always enjoy her posts.

Tis the Season- Enjoy!!


Anonymous said...

I think I have to get some of that Flame cologne, sounds hilarious.

Stephen said...

I think you can find the commercial on YouTube - with the Burger King strokin' his bear rug in front of the fire (shudder).

Mark said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm..... a thong two sizes too small????

Fishlicity said...

I love The Gas We Pass... Great literature right there!