Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Working Woman

Yesterday at work was like church on Superbowl Sunday. Only the super saints in attendance. Or in my case, someone (mwa) who sorta kinda volunteered to work this week while the rest of my coworkers play. I guess I can't really be stingy and keep the whole two weeks of Christmas and New Years to myself. Sometimes you gotta share.

So anyway, it was just me on my hall. The four whole people in the building shared a broccoli, carrot, chicken pizza for lunch. I'm not kidding. But it was really tasty. Did I just say tasty? What am I, 80? Our accountant dude came in for a short time and the other three people in the office started to complain to me that he was making too much noise making some kind of blipping sound on his computer, so I had to politely ask him to mute. At first I thought he was playing a computer game, but he says he was doing legitimate accountant dude stuff. That was the big excitement of the day. Broccoli pizza and Beeping Accountant Dude. Otherwise I spent the entire day doing battle with my obsession over the cookies in the lunchroom. Would someone please just throw them away? They are probably left over from before Christmas and are not worth the agony of attempted self denial.

I'm trying to figure out all the details of our big annual event coming up in April. The creative juices just weren't flowing. Maybe it was the sugar coma I was in from the cookies...that... I...didn't eat. Or it was the mind numbing, deathly quiet. When you can hear the paper towel thingy spitting out paper towels in the women's bathroom from the other end of the building, it's too quiet. Come to think of it, wonder what other noises you can hear coming from that area in the stillness. I don't want to think about it actually.

So here I go again. If I get tired of conversing with the plants maybe I can talk somebody into having chair races around the building. We could be an episode on The Office. Or I could get a lot of work done without interruption.


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Extreme Educators said...

You forgot to mention the phone calls from your peeved eldest daughter who locked her keys in your house. I'm sure that brightened your day :)