Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My turn

I feel compelled to join the crowd of bloggers sharing their New Year's resolutions. Here are a few of mine.
  1. Eat chocolate
  2. Watch a lot of reality TV
  3. Read blogs daily
  4. Use the phrase "I'm just sayin" at least once a month in a blog post
  5. Take pictures of Mark and the dogs
  6. Support Tessa through a crisis moment
  7. Help Angela find her keys
  8. Wax my chin, lip and brow
  9. Make lists
  10. Cross things off lists
  11. Use less toilet paper
  12. Change my shampoo brand
Mmm. Think that's about it. I'm just sayin.


Extreme Educators said...

-Begin some sort of home improvement project
-Take pictures of said project
-Post project pictures on your blog
-Feed your daughter and her husband once a week


Shari said...

--drive a vehicle bigger than some of the houses in your neighborhood

--dream up and implement (?) a fabulous, creative party theme

--make you sister laugh