Friday, January 2, 2009

Long line of luv

Greetings from Newton, KS where the coffee is always on, the food flows abundantly and there are delicious baked goods in the freezer. Oh, and card games run until the wee hours. Mark's parental units are 80 and 83 and a sheer pleasure. I have no idea what people are talking about when they spit out the word "in-laws" like an obscenity.

Jeez, Mark just pulled a 72 oz. bag of chocolate chips out of the freezer. Oh great. Mark just spilled the 72 oz. bag of chocolate chips.

So anyway, I forgot what I was saying. Oh, the "in-laws". Couldn't ask for a better pair. There's a country song that says something about coming from a long line of love. Actually, it's more like luuuv. But it describes Mark's family perfectly. Until death do us part has been lived out before our eyes for several generations. And those are just the generations we've witnessed. The line goes waaay back.

We've prayed and talked and prayed some more and all are now in agreement that we need to be sharing a house. Retirement centers and assisted living facilities are expensive. Two households is one too many for Mark to maintain. Last night we had a heart-to-heart around the dining room table and consecrated the decision with bowed heads, joined hands, prayer and tears. May it be as God has spoken. Amen.

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