Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday

I do not do birthdays well. Maybe my immediate family - husband and two daughters. But otherwise I suuucckkk at remembering or celebrating birthdays. I've tried keeping calendars, sending myself reminders, buying cards ahead of time. Nothing seems to work. The only birthday I never forget is my twin sister's for obvious reasons. Seriously. The reason is obvious. Think about it.


Happy Birthday Dad. Sorry I missed it. I'm a dope. But that doesn't reflect my love and my desire for you to have your best year yet. Thanks for a lifetime of dad-ness. Love ya!

Happy Birthday Bonus Dad. I was out of town on your bday but that wouldn't have made a difference really. I at least remembered it :) Draw me something pretty with your new art supplies. Kisses!

Happy Birthday Cori. I know it's not your birthday yet, but it will be in less than a week and I'll probably forget to twitter you a happy bday, so consider yourself greeted. You're an amazing and gifted young woman. Hugs!

Anybody I missed in January?


Cori said...

Thanks! Hugs back!

Anonymous said...

Dang...must be a Cari thing...I suck at remembering birthdays, too!

Judy said...

Well, you didn't forget mine. As I recall I got a lovely group rendition of HBTY from the wild woods of Oklahoma from the whole fam. Received it while I was in line to see Neil...made things extra special!
Now...Dave's b-day is Monday. But he doesn't facebook, myspace, twitter, or jitter for that matter so that's that...

Extreme Educators said...

How is it that I will not let anyone in the lower 48 states miss MY birthday, but when it comes to other people I just send them very good thoughts. I think I forgot dad's birthday once.